Setting up Microsoft Outlook (Windows)

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Setting up Microsoft Outlook (Windows)

This guide walks you through setting up IMAP email on your Windows computer using Microsoft Outlook. By default we will have set up your email account as a POP email. IMAP is a paid service with restricted disc space but allows you to sync email across all devices as well as the server. Make sure you actually have an IMAP email account set up before configuring with these settings. Contact Mulberry Design Hosting if you are unsure.

This article assumes that you already have configured a mailbox within a Mulberry Design Studio hosting cPanel account. To carry out the instructions in this article you will need the Manual Settings for your mailbox. These will have been provided for you when your email addresses were set up with your hosting package on our server.

iPad users

Whilst the screenshots in this guide are taken on an iPhone, the steps are identical on an iPad.

There are now two options for setting up your email client. Option 1 is preferred, but does have some prerequisites.

Option 1 – Use mail.yourdomain for inbound and outbound mail server (IMAP Hostname and SMTP Hostname) e.g. if your domain is you would use


Your domain’s A record must be pointing to your Mulberry Design Studio hosting server. If your domain is registered with Mulberry Design Studio and you host your website here then this is likely the case.

You must have SSL enabled for the domain. Once your domain is correctly pointing to Mulberry Design Studio hosting we can install a free certificate for mail only. However we advise that you purchase a fully compliant SSL certificate that covers your email accounts, your website and your cPanel hosting. Please contact us for more details.

If you meet these requirements then you can use the format mail.yourdomain for the inbound (IMAP Hostname) and outbound (SMTP Hostname) mail servers in the instructions below e.g. if your domain is then you would use as the inbound and outbound mail server names.

This option has the benefit of meaning that should you change hosting servers at any point you won’t need to re-configure any email clients. Once the DNS has updated for your new server A record the clients will continue to be able to send and receive email.

Option 2 – use the server hostname for inbound and outbound mail server

This option has no prerequisites. However, you should be aware that if you use this method, and at a later date change hosting servers you will need to re-configure any email clients



  1. If this is your first time using Outlook and you don’t have any mail accounts setup already, you may see a splash screen asking you to enter your email address. If not, select File from the Menu Bar.
  2. Then click Add Account.
  3. Enter the email address you’d like to add. Click on Advanced options and tick Let me set up my account manually.
  4. Outlook should then give you the option to select either POP or IMAP.
    We highly recommend using IMAP over POP – IMAP will synchronise your mailbox with the server, keeping a copy of all e-mails safely on your hosting account. Using POP will download the emails to your PC/Laptop and may not be recoverable if lost.
  5. Outlook should then ask for your IMAP account settings, enter your incoming and outgoing server details and port numbers, select the encryption type to SSL/TLS and click Next.
    Make sure that the boxes for Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) are NOT ticked.
  6. Enter your mailbox password and finally click Connect to complete the setup.
  7. Congratulations, you should now have successfully added your email account to outlook. Just click Done to return to your mailbox.

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