Project Brief

Knowing us as a Packaging Design Agency Nantwich Tomlinsons approached us. The brief was for their packaging design to be re-worked to bring them up to date with new branding. Also for compliance with latest food industry standards and specifications. This rolled out on both their cream and milk range of products.

Our Involvement

We created all the label and lid graphic design work required for this packaging project. The milk cartons covered a range of Skimmed, Semi-Skimmed, Full-Fat versions and sizes.
We then had to do the same for their cream pot labels and lids. The text on the labels were the tricky part due to them having to curve to allow them to wrap around a circular pot. The end results looked consistent and very pleasing.

Packaging, Graphic Design

Skill sets required included: Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Adobe Illustrator.


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