Having Your Own Custom Email Address Is Far Easier Than You Might Think.

Scenario: You are the proud owner of your very own business and you’ve poured love and blood, sweat and tears into building it up. You want customers to contact you so you’ve had business cards (we do these too!) printed up with your company name, phone number and your email address which says something like joe.bloggs@btinternet.com or jane.doe@hotmail.co.uk.

Professional?………………………Not really.

Not only does it look unprofessional but you are also unwittingly providing free advertising services for BT or Hotmail or Gmail instead of advertising your own business.

It is very easy and inexpensive to have your own custom email address and not only does it look good but the only thing you are promoting is yourself and your business name.

For this example we will use our company name to show you what we mean.

We are called Mulberry Design Studio and we could have had an email address that says for example hello.mulberry_123@gmail.com Instead, we have bought our own domain name and set up the email address hello@mulberrydesignstudio.co.uk.

Which looks more professional to you?………………………Exactly.

Especially as once you have bought your own domain name, your website address will match your email address. In this instance our website address is www.mulberrydesignstudio.co.uk and our email address is hello@mulberrydesignstudio.co.uk

Get in touch to see if a name that you want for your company is available and we will check for you and advise further. We can also set up your email accounts, host them and also build and host your website. All you need to do is tell us what you’re called.

Best wishes,

Mulberry Design Studio


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