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Ways to Manage Spam

SpamExperts is an system independent of our mail servers that filters email to remove Spam. It’s success rate is pretty high, but sometimes it might block something you’d like to receive and other times not block something you’d rather not.

There are a number of ways you can manage releasing email from SpamExperts quarantine, or reporting email as spam.

Accessing SpamExperts Dashboard via cPanel

We have a separate guide on accessing SpamExperts via cPanel.

Accessing SpamExperts Dashboard Directly

The SpamExperts dashboard can be accessed directly via (link to Strikemail server opens in a new window)

You’ll need to have created SpamExperts logins in order to access the dashboard in this way.

Navigate to in your browser address bar

Login using your supplied Username and Password to enter the SpamExperts configuration for that domain

You’ll need to create either a domain or email account login in order to use the following methods

SpamExperts Mobile App

SpamExperts provide a mobile app – available for both Apple and Android from their respective app stores. Please follow the instructions in SpamExperts own guide (external link opens in a new window) to setup the app. You’ll need to have created a SpamExperts domain or email user account in order to login to the app.

SpamExperts IMAP Mail Account

It’s possible to manage spam within you email client, by adding IMAP accounts.

You should use the following details:

Incoming Mail Server Name:

IMAP Port: 993

Connection Security: SSL/TLS

Outgoing Mail Server Name:

SMTP Port: 465

Connection Security: SSL/TLS

Your username and password will be as you setup in SpamExperts.

We have separate guides for setting up email accounts in various clients – see our Email category.

Once you’ve setup the mailbox you’ll see a number of folders:

Any email currently in Quarantine will be in the Caught folder.

You can drag emails between these folders.

So, if you see an email in Caught that is not spam and you want to just release it once – drag it to the Release folder – and it’ll be delivered to your email account.

If you want to Release and Train the spam filter – so future emails from the sender won’t be blocked – drag the email to the Release and Train folder.

Beware of the Spam and Not Spam folders – they do what they say on the tin – but they don’t release the email to your mailbox. Whatever you drag in to those folders will just help the filter for future emails.

SpamExperts Email Client Report Spam Add-ons

There is also an email client add-on available for Outlook.

The add-on can be downloaded directly from SpamExperts – the following link also detail how to report spam using the add-on.

Outlook add-on (external link opens in a new window)

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