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Accessing Spam Experts

This article will show you how to access SpamExperts and check your spam quarantine logs. You may need to do this if you believe some emails you are expecting are being incorrectly marked as spam.

The guide also details a quick way to Whitelist senders so that future email is delivered directly to your email account.

Navigate to in your browser address bar

Login using your supplied Username and Password to enter the SpamExperts configuration for that domain

Accessing the Spam Quarantine Logs

Click the ‘Spam quarantine’ button


You’ll now be in the Log Search screen with a pre-set Query rule to show any emails with a status of Quarantined

You can change the columns displayed, and also how the results are grouped by selecting from the appropriate drop-downs. There are also two quick-select options; Accepted and Not accepted – clicking these will populate the rule with appropriate terms for those searches. You can click in each rule field and select options to be as specific as you need.

It’s in this view that you can also perform various actions with each email – including releasing, or releasing and training them from quarantine.

Click the drop-down on the left hand end of the email line to access these options.

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